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    Nickname: Angel

    Passion: Creating cool new ways to connect with my BFFS!! Hey there, I’m Cloe! Art is my life! Painting, drawing, web designing -- you name it, I love it! I’m totally crazy about applying my art obsession to my fashion obsession!

    Fashion Passion: Animal prints, glittering fabrics and pink! Pink! Pink! - Definitely dramatic!

    Likes: Mixing feminine frills with a rocker’s edge, going on fabulous adventures with my Bratz besties, snapping pics and shooting videos, designing new ways to stay in touch online, and challenging the boys to a soccer match. (I’m always the winner, of course!)

    My Friends Say I'm...: Sweet, but tough!

    Fave Color: Turquoise

    Fave Food: Thai curry…But make it vegetarian, please!

    Love to Read: Big, twisty mysteries...I love trying to figure it all out!

    Love to Watch: Big action thrillers - in 3D!

    School Subject: Art! Painting, drawing, sculpture and especially photography and web game designing...I can do it all!

    Shoppin' Splurges: The latest beauty products, anything glittery and glamorous

    My Perfect Day Would be: Hangin’ with my girls all day! At breakfast we’d connect over social media. Then we would meet at the mall for lunch and a crazy shopping spree! And after dinner, meet back up online. I love chillin’ 24/7!!

    My Fave Pair of Shoes: Classic black heels with an ankle strap for added toughness!

    My Quirks: I get so wrapped up in taking photos that my friends always remind me to enjoy the moment!

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