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    Nickname: Bunny Boo

    Passion: Creating fierce fashions Sasha here! My friends and my fashions are my world! When I’m not hanging with my girls or hanging at the design studio, good luck finding me – I’m a busy gal with things to do and people to see!

    Fashion Passion: Street style and anything experimental and avant-garde...I love to be daring!

    Likes: Wearing the biggest and brightest accessories, staying on the beat of the latest new music, planning out my future career (I want my own fashion line!) and staying busy…I hate wasting even a minute!

    My Friends Say I'm...: Fiercely loyal and destined for success!

    Fave Color: Orange and Red-Violet

    Fave Food: I’m always on-the-go, so I prefer smoothies and energy drinks!

    Love to Read: Biographies of successful people

    Love to Watch: Edgy comedies

    School Subject: Social studies

    Shoppin' Splurges: Bold, statement jewelry and chunky, metallic colors

    My Perfect Day Would be: Sketching fashion designs all morning for my future clothing line, taking a quick break for a blueberry smoothie (my fave!), stopping in at the recording studio to see what’s up, then organizing a girls’ night out of fun and dancing!

    My Fave Pair of Shoes: Sky-high, sculptured heels!

    My Quirks: I love being a busy bee, but I'm always on time!

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