Bratz-Babyz-Sasha Bratz-Babyz-Sasha Back of carton
Bratz-Babyz-Sasha Back of carton

Bratz Babyz Sasha Collectible Fashion Doll

$12.99 $12.99

Before they were Bratz, they were Bratz Babyz! Step back in time with the Bratz and see how it all began, as they xpress themselves with baby bratitude style. #tbt the iconic release of Bratz Babyz in 2004! Now 20 years later, you can add this nostalgic Bratz Babyz Sasha doll to your collection once again. Sasha and all her accessories are a near exact replica of the beloved original doll.

Each Bratz Babyz doll has a unique sculpted hairstyle and 5 points of articulation to strike tones of poses! Each doll also includes real fashions with adorable graphics, a bottle necklace that doubles as a keychain for you, and a super soft blanket. They also come with a unique flocked pet to snuggle based on their nickname/icon— Sasha’s sweet pet is Bunny Boo the bunny! Each Bratz Babyz package is also a near exact replica of the original, complete with a chrome diaper pin handle.

Collect all 4 Bratz Babyz collectible fashion dolls—Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha! They’re SO CUTE!